December 17, 2019

India PID CME Meeting 

IPSPI collaborated respectively with Lok Nayak Hospital, Maulana Azad Medical College, in Delhi, as well as with Hindu Rao Hospital and North Delhi Municipal Corporation Medical College, Delhi, to organise two Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs on primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs).
One CME on PIDs was conducted in the Seminar Hall of LN Hospital MAMC College, on August 8, under the chairmanship of Dr Urmila Jhamb, Director and Head of Pediatrics Department, and the other was conducted in the Main Auditorium of Hindu Rao Hospital and NDMC Medical College, on November 27, under the chairmanship of Dr Raju Gupta, Head of the Pediatrics Department.
Cartoon Posters on 10 warning signs of PIDs were presented to Doctors for display in outpatient rooms and waiting halls. Attending pediatricians, physicians, hematologists, ENT specialists, pulmonologists, rheumatologists and senior residents received attendance certificates and informative IPOPI booklets on PIDs. 

IPSPI contributed to tie up LN Hospital, MAMC College and Hindu Rao Hospital, NDMC Medical College with CSIR-IGIB (Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology) to send for diagnosis suspected cases of PIDs as part of ongoing research of the Genomics for Understanding Rare Diseases Indian Alliance Network – GUARDIAN – which is under the supervision of Senior Scientist, Dr Vinod Scaria. Many suspected patients’ samples have now been sent.

IPSPI is supporting and facilitating the Research Project “Characterization of mutations in Bruton’s Agammaglobulinemia: A pilot study” undertaken by the Institute of Medical Genetics and Genomics, at Sir Gangaram Hospital in New Delhi. We will be conducting CME events on PIDs and an Interactive session of doctors and patients’ families at Sir Gangaram Hospital, this December.

For further details please contact:

Rubby Chawla, Founder and President, IPSPI