December 17, 2020

Clinical Care Webinar on Genetic Testing for PID

IPOPI’s year-round PID Clinical Care Education

IPOPI’s most recent webinar took place on December 7th and provided a great overview of the different types of genetic testing for PIDs. Our guest speaker, Dr Pamela Lee, explained how genetic testing impacts clinical care and which patients should get tested.
The webinar had 106 registrants and got great feedback. The Q&A section was especially dynamic and, if you’ve missed it, we invite you to view the recording on IPOPITV.

IPOPI Clinical Care Webinars are aimed at patient group leaders, clinicians and nurses with an interest in PID clinical care management and bringing together PID stakeholders from all parts of the world. Increasing the expertise around key PID clinical care issues in a dedicated webinar has proven to be a popular concept. We are excited in continuing and providing online education in 2021.

Keep an eye on IPOPI’s twitter and website to secure your place in the next one!