March 25, 2021

Australia – IDFA developing an education program for members

Primary Immune Education (PIE) Program

The Immune Deficiencies Foundation Australia (IDFA) are excited to announce the development of an educational initiative for our members. The PIE Program is a 12-module initiative presented online to educate and inform Australians affected by primary immunodeficiency (PI) on topics relevant to their diagnosis and lifestyle.

At its core, the PIE Program aims to address PI in a wholistic way considering a range of lifestyle factors. Through this program we aim to improve the quality of life for people living with a PI through education, support and advice as well as providing current research on immunodeficiencies. IDFA have sourced speakers in Australia who are experts in their field to participate in and deliver evidence-based presentations for each module.

A sample of the topics covered in the PIE Program include:

  • PI in Children
  • Managing Comorbidities and PI
  • Fatigue, Chronic Pain and PI
  • Mental health, Stigma and Invisible illness
  • Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle
  • Financial Burden of PI

We hope to launch the PIE program by mid-2021.