October 19, 2018

1st IPOPI Clinical Care Webinar – Advances in management and treatment of CVID

IPOPI is excited to hold its first Clinical Care Webinar on November 14, from 02:00 to 02:30pm (UK time). The webinar will explore the topic of “Advances in management and treatment of CVID” and Prof Klaus Warnatz is the invited speaker.

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The 1st IPOPI Clinical Webinar takes place online and can be accessed through both your computer or mobile device. Register now to not miss this opportunity!
The Webinar will be recorded and IPOPI will have it available on IPOPITV after the date.

The Webinar is targeted primarily towards patient group representatives but other stakeholders with an interest in PID are of course most welcome to join. Participants will be able to ask questions to the speaker after his lecture.

Please take a minute to check the technical requirements of the Webinar especially if you will be connecting from a firewall protected network.

IPOPI invites you to promote the Webinar among your friends and colleagues! Some ideas on this promotional kit.

Prof Klaus Warnatz