December 19, 2022

New IPOPI PID information leaflets covering XLA, CGD and WAS

In keeping with our commitment to primary immunodeficiency education, we are pleased to share our most recent information leaflets on:

These three leaflets cover the characteristics of each disease, inheritance patterns, steps to diagnosis, treatment, and management. This is the 2nd edition of these leaflets, which have been reworked to ensure they are up to date with the current understanding of these diseases and the medical advances over the past 10 years.

IPOPI wishes to thank Grifols for their support towards the production of these leaflets!

New leaflets translated into Portuguese and Italian  

Many IPOPI leaflets are available in several languages, and we collaborate closely with our members to make this happen. We are happy to present the most recent booklets in Portuguese and Italian, which cover a variety of topics: