March 23, 2016

UK – XLA Art Exhibition in Edinburgh

Michael Wight, a 23 year old artist from Edinburgh, UK, who has XLA, showcased events that shaped his world of living with his condition in rich, striking, abstract art. The exhibition took place at Edinburgh Palette Art Studio last February.
Michael was diagnosed when he was three years old. This first ever art exhibition was based on his medical experiences.

His artwork details how his medical experiences have both hindered and helped his growth as a person. “Painting for me is a form of therapy, it’s how I express my thoughts and feelings and it helps me to relax. I’ve always dreamed of becoming an artist and I’m determined my condition won’t affect my goal.” Michael stated.
As well as paintings, Michael uses photography and 3D installation work to convey his life with his love of art has helping him become more accepting of his condition.

Michael Wight at his exhibition.

Picture: Andrew O’Brien