JUN 30, 2105

WPIW 2015 – Test! Diagnose! Treat!

The fifth edition of the World Primary Immunodeficiencies Week (WPIW) was held on 22 – 29 April 2015 and enhanced the importance of testing, diagnosing and appropriate treatment of Primary Immunodeficiencies, key priorities for the PID community.

IPOPI was able to support 18 countries campaign: Spain, France, Morocco, Serbia, Ukraine, Iceland, Romania, Finland, Netherlands, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Malaysia, Colombia, Portugal, Canada, Italy and Poland. We witnessed many exciting activities and awareness events, media outreach campaigns, medical education meetings, family gathering and sportive events. Check out the pictures gallery!

Sharing information is crucial to the success of this campaign and IPOPI helped the overall campaign and its members’ activities by regularly publishing updates about it. Before, during and after the campaign we used our social media pages, our e-News and website, contributing to a unified image of the campaign.

IPOPI is one of the founding member organisations of the WPIW initiative and a member of the WPIW Steering Committee since the campaign’s inception.

For more information on World PI Week and the support tools and templates that were used to ensure strategic consistency in the various campaigns, please visit www.worldpiweek.org