March 29 , 2022

World PI Week 2022

April is around the corner and the global PID community is getting ready for the yearly World PI Week campaign, taking place 22-29 April every year. World PI Week is a key opportunity for patient organisations, health care professionals and other stakeholders to join forces and shed light on the importance of early diagnosis and access to treatment for patients with PID worldwide.

The main theme of this year’s campaign is Life can be saved, with four sub-themes guiding the activities:

  1. Screening and diagnosis

Improving early diagnosis for all patients and rolling out newborn screening for severe PIDs

  1. Treatment and quality care

Achieving universal access to quality healthcare and treatments for PIDs

  1. Health awareness

Increasing preventative medicine to avoid complications in patients and promote health

  1. Research

Ensuring that patients with PID benefit from COVID-19 research and beyond

Through events and activities promoting World PI Week, the global PID community will put PIDs on the agenda, ultimately improving the lives of patients with PID. IPOPI is looking forward to taking part and supporting our national member organisations in their participation.

Are you interested in joining the campaign?

Visit the WPIW website for more information about how to organise an activity and download materials such as the campaign poster, logo, e-banner and much more.