March 31, 2020

World PI Week celebrates 10 years for 10 weeks

IPOPI is excited to participate in and support the 10th edition of the global awareness campaign World PI Week (WPIW)! In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World PI Week Steering Committee decided to extend in time the WPIW campaign. Instead of a full week celebration (22-29 April), WPIW 2020 will run for 10 weeks, from April 22 to July 1, 2020. This will protect public health and the health of patients living with primary immunodeficiency.

The 2020 campaign is special, as we celebrate a decade of collaboration and progress for primary immunodeficiency stakeholders worldwide. The objective this year is to highlight and celebrate important milestones from the past 10 years as well as emphasize the expectations and work that still lies ahead. IPOPI, together with all WPIW Steering Committee members, invites patients, health care professionals, policy makers and all other PID stakeholders to take part and make this year’s campaign the best one so far.

All campaign supporters are encouraged to join online activities wherever in-person events are not advisable in their regions. WPIW provides an opportunity for stakeholders from all over the world to inform and educate health care professionals, policy makers and the general public about primary immunodeficiencies to ensure that patients have access to the earliest possible diagnosis and optimal care.

For more information about how to organize a WPIW activity and to download materials such as the campaign poster, logo, e-banner and much more, visit the WPIW website.