July 18, 2023

World PI Week and World Blood Donor Day celebrated in Argentina

On April 2023, the 3rd Virtual Congress for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies was held, with leading professionals, who made updates and recommendations on intravenous and subcutaneous immunoglobulin, PID vaccination, disability certificate and access to the different benefits. Watch it here and here.

The 1st Conference on Nursing in Primary Immunodeficiencies was also held, aimed at nursing and health personnel, as well as patients and families, at the “Pedro Elizalde” Children’s General Hospital. Also, testimony videos of patients and caregivers were posted on our social media during World PI Week.

Different therapeutic workshops and webinars were carried out, as well as the Blood Donation Awareness Campaign, on the occasion of the celebration of World Blood Donor Day, under the hashtags: #DonaSangre #DonaPlasma #Plasmasaveslives #WorldBloodDonorDay2023

With the title “Becoming the protagonist of my own path: How do I access my treatment?” A Webinar was held for all young and adolescent patients.

Different experts, accompanied by a young patient, shared valuable advice and strategies to access treatment, and have an active role in making decisions based on information.