March 15, 2023

World PI Week 2023: Turning real-world data into knowledge for better PID care

Once again, IPOPI joins the efforts of the World PI Week campaign, which takes place between April 22 and 29, every year. World PI Week offers a crucial and visible opportunity for stakeholders around the world to join forces and raise awareness on primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) and advocate for access to the earliest possible diagnosis and optimal treatment worldwide.

Under the theme of this year’s campaign, “Turning real-world data into knowledge for better PID care”, we call for:

  • Diagnosis: Collecting & sharing data on PIDs can support greater knowledge about the disease and facilitate testing and early diagnosis, and the development of efficient diagnostic tools.
  • Treatment & Care: Turning quality data into clinical insights and medical evidence contributes to more efficient, higher quality, safer, and more personalised care for PID patients
  • Research & Innovation: Data from trials help advance understanding of PIDs. Data collection and sharing are crucial for developing innovative therapies and making these therapies accessible to all PID patients.
  • Medical Education: Data helps bridge the knowledge gap among primary care physicians and helps reduce disparities in PID awareness across the globe.

Learn more about this in the campaign teaser video here.

IPOPI encourages all stakeholders to join this important campaign!

Visit the WPIW website for more information on how to join the campaign and download materials such as the poster, e-banner, pledge cards, and so much more.