June 25, 2020

World PI Week 2020 – 10 weeks for the 10 years anniversary

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to ensure safe participation the World PI Week 2020 campaign was extended from 1 to 10 weeks. This opened for a great opportunity to really commemorate the 10-year anniversary while at the same time adjusting to the new COVID-19 reality. Even though the campaign may have come in a slightly different shape than in previous years, the core remained the same, shedding important light over the need for early diagnosis and access to appropriate care for primary immunodeficiency patients.   This year’s campaign naturally increased its focus towards facilitating online activities and encouraging participation from the safety of our own homes. We are now reaching the final weeks of this year’s campaign and until now we have seen great online initiatives such as webinars, videos, photo sharing and other awareness raising activities from all over the world. IPOPI embraced the online nature of the campaign and joined it with the release of a fun video to continue putting the spotlight on primary immunodeficiency.

We are happy to have seen numerous countries taking part and celebrating a decade of collaboration and progress for primary immunodeficiency stakeholders worldwide, and we hope to see this continuing during the final weeks of the campaign. For more information about how to organise an WPIW activity and to download materials such as the campaign poster, logo, e-banner and much more, visit the WPIW website.