April 2019

World PI Week 2019 – Putting PID patients at the centre of their care

IPOPI is glad to introduce the new, stronger WPIW campaign, revised by the Steering Committee of World PI Week, and launched on February 22 to celebrate 2 months ahead of World PI Week.
The renewed campaign went through a concept change with the immune system represented by the antibody shaped as ’Y’ and the people affected by the conditions represented by the three figures: the carers, the patients and the health care community.

For 2019 the focus of the campaign is patient-centred care, a theme that encompasses many aspects relevant to PID patients.
PID patients are all different and, therefore, individual needs should be considered in their care pathways. They should be seen as partners and health care providers should include them in the decision making related to their own care. Health care systems should be designed focusing mainly on patients’ benefit  and a multi-disciplinary approach, involving all stakeholders playing a role in PID care delivery, should be observed.

In addition to the new campaign website and identity, a series of new and old materials are being developed or updated for the global PID community, for free use in time for WPIW 2019. These comprise a new campaign package that includes the logo, campaign poster, sample blog/website post, social media banners and selfie poster frame (for Twitter, Facebook), campaign information flyer and email signature. A set of engagement toolkits for media, policy and medical outreach have also been developed.

Other support tools
The WPIW Global Call to Action, currently with over 1600 signatures, is being revised and will be given more focus on the new campaign website. A new feature will allow patients and family members to send their stories through the website or by posting them on social media using a specific hashtag. These will be highlighted on the new website and used for future campaign materials. A social media PID quiz will involve PID stakeholders and the public, testing their knowledge on PID, and new infographics will soon be released!

All new and old materials and resources are freely accessible on the website and can be translated and adjusted for local uses – contact us for more info.

IPOPI and WPIW invite you to get involved in WPIW 2019 – both online and offline!
We wish you best of luck with your World PI Week activities!