July 7 , 2022

 WBDD and the need for more plasma collection

IPOPI continues to demonstrate a strong commitment to the World Health Organization’s World Blood Donor Day campaign – held on 14 June every year. This campaign is celebrated around the world and offers an opportunity for the PID community to:

  • Stress the need to collect more plasma, through both blood and plasma donations.
  • Raise awareness of the need for safe and effective blood and plasma products, as well as to recognise all donors for their life-saving donations.

Importantly, within our community, the majority of patients with PIDs rely on plasma-derived medicinal products: immunoglobulins. Engaging various stakeholders to raise awareness of the importance of both blood and plasma collection on World Blood Donor Day can create meaningful change at a global level.

In 2022, IPOPI sought to share information and spread the word about the importance of WBDD through various online channels. Our NMOs were invited to participate by utilising, and even translating, several visuals and key messages developed for this year’s campaign. We were inspired by the initiative and dedication of many NMOs in advocating for such an important cause.

This year’s campaign is very timely as it is just a few weeks away from the publication of the proposal to review the European blood legislation. IPOPI hopes and will work so that the future legislation helps collecting more plasma at EU level to ensure the region can effectively contribute to the global self-sufficiency on plasma and allow for plasma-derived medicines, such as immunoglobulins, to be available for patients with PIDs in need.

Thank you once again to blood and plasma donors for their gift of life.