October 4, 2021

Watch the replay of the Calculated Globulins, Clinical and Lab perspectives Webinar

Following last year’s webinar on Calculated Globulins with Prof Stephen Jolles, this year we had the pleasure to have Prof Antonio Condino-Neto, from Brazil, and Professor Stephen Holding, from England, delving deeper into Calculated Globulins (CG).

Prof Condino-Neto discussed Clinical aspects of CG in children and adolescents whilst Prof Holding explained the laboratory aspects of CG taking us through how using CG can reduce the diagnostic delay for many patients with antibody deficiency.

During the Q&A it was highlighted that CG are very helpful not just for Low-and-Middle-Income-Countries but for developed countries too. CG is a simple, cost saving and lifesaving technique across the continents, a simple test that can prompt confirmation and detect antibody defects earlier.  Clinicians need to consider diagnosing antibody deficiencies and lab personnel have to consider opportunistic screening using CG.

If you missed this webinar, watch the reply: