June 17, 2024

Immunodeficiency UK Champions Domestic Plasma Donation at Parliamentary Reception

What an exciting day it was, on March 20, when Immunodeficiency UK took part in the Plasma Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons! This momentous event, done in collaboration with NHS Blood and Transplant Services, brought together MPs, healthcare professionals and patients for an important discussion on the lifesaving impact of plasma donation in the UK. Immunodeficiency UK took along five patients affected by primary immunodeficiency to talk to parliamentarians. The reception was a smashing success, attracting a whopping 50 members of the British parliament.

Immunodeficiency UK’s CEO, Dr Susan Walsh and patient representative, Margaret, took centre stage to shine a light on the growing need for plasma donors with Margaret saying ‘It is very reassuring to know that plasma is being donated in the UK to produce our own immunoglobulins. It is vital that publicity is given to this, to ensure that more people come forward to donate plasma. Help keep me and others like me, well.’  Susan, drove the point home, emphasising how immunoglobulin therapy made from plasma is “precious” and crucial for preventing shortages in the UK.