December 17, 2021

Three new IPOPI PID information leaflets published

IPOPI is glad to announce the publication of thre new primary immunodeficiencies (PID) information leaflets. They PID, Rheumatology and autoimmunity issues,  Dignosis of PIDs and PIDs and precision medicine.

PID, Rheumatology and autoimmunity issues goes over what kind of issues can be experienced by PID patients who also experience autoimmunity issues, with a emphasies on rheumatology; Dignosis of PIDs provides an overview of the available way to diagnose these conditions, from family history to genetic testing; and PIDs and precision medicine  explain how biological and targeted therapies can help treat PID patients.

IPOPI is pleased to make these leaflets available in English and expects newly translated version to be available soon with the invaluable help of its national member organisation.

IPOPI wishes to thank Grifols for their support towards the production of these leaflets!