March 29, 2022

The Netherlands – SAS receives media coverage

From going to a total lockdown, to a semi-lockdown, then completely open and back to a mini lockdown – The Netherlands decided that as of 18 February, over a course of 2 weeks, all regulations would be lifted. This decision was supported by the fact that the number of hospitalized patients was remaining stable.

For us, “immune” compromised patients this could seem a little daunting and to give these patients a bit more security, a second booster has been recommended.

And then suddenly Stichting voor Afweer Stoornissen (SAS) was caught in the center of a media storm: 

  • How do we feel that everything will go “back to normal”?
  • How do we feel about only having to wear a facemask when on a plane or using public transport?
  • How do we feel about receiving a second booster?

SAS President was interviewed for Noordhollands Dagblad and in regards to these recent developments.

To finalize the media storm, we ended February with Rare Disease Day! SAS had the opportunity to publicise two interviews in a well-read, national paper – Algemeen Dagblad, AD. Two of our members were willing to share a recap of their story of living with a PID and promoting SAS, blood donors and making the general public aware that not all people make antibodies against covid (or anything else for that matter!)