July 7, 2022

Thailand – ThaiPOPI during WPIW

During World PI Week 2022, there was a project hosted by the Thai Red Cross Society in Bangkok Thailand. The Thai Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiency (ThaiPOPI) attended the event to raise awareness of rare diseases. There was collaboration between ThaiPOPI and the Thai Red Cross Society in non-profit charitable organisations creating a bridge with donors; their blood in this place.

One of our purposes in these activities was to create increased awareness about rare diseases and PID patients. We would like to share knowledge and a brochure on 10 warning signs which are very important in diagnosing rare diseases. We have delivered souvenirs to the Thai Red Cross Society and also gave thanks to donors for their support. Spray alcohols were a good choice for Thai people in Covid19 situation.

Finally, we hope our project can further awareness about rare diseases well into the future. We really hope that our messages can reach many people in Thailand.