June 25, 2020

Thailand – Fundraising for hygienic masks

COVID-19 spread all over the world and Thailand has also been affected. ThaiPOPI organisation implemented a fundraising campaign on social media to purchase hygiene masks for PID patients and N 95 masks to fight the current shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) in Thai hospitals, now faced with a higher demand of these products.

ThaiPOPI is happy to help reduce the risk of infection on PID patients, especially as they are required to go to hospital for IVIG treatment every month, and aid in the protection of medical staff.
The campaign was successful and ThaiPOPI has been able to distribute masks to a hospital where COVID-19 patients are being treated.

ThaiPOPI hopes to play a small part in reducing the infection rate in the hospital and believes that working together is the best way to move past this distressing situation.