March 15, 2023


The first symposium on Primary Immunodeficiencies in Puerto Rico

For several months, Alianza para la Inmunodeficiencia Primaria (APIP) worked together with Dr. Cristina Ramos, planning the logistics of what would be the first symposium on Primary Immunodeficiencies in Puerto Rico. We collaborated in various aspects to make it a successful event.

APIP participated in both days, making known the functions of this community, people with primary immunodeficiencies and their families. There were two congressional days where we participated in the discussions. We learned about various topics and conditions that affect the lives of PID patients and their treatments. Further, we participated in genetic test readings, including case study discussions with national doctors, as well as international guests, with the intention of helping those families in need.  In the same way, we benefitted from all the cutting-edge information that is and, in many cases, will be of benefit to the community of patients with PID in Puerto Rico.

In addition, we also established collaborative relationships with prominent Latino doctors in large hospitals in the United States who are very willing to receive consultations and help Latin American patients to gain access to treatments that are not available in our countries. We took the opportunity to share the information of our sister foundation in Mexico, AMPIP, with two distinguished medical professionals: Dr. Saul Lugo, a renowned geneticist from the National Institute of Pediatrics in Mexico (INP), who works with PID patients, and Dr. Hanedys Ale, Director of the multidisciplinary program at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Florida, who is available to collaborate with Spanish-speaking patients.