October 24, 2016

Sweden – PIO Family camp

PIO held their annual family camp August 12-14 at Uskavigarden in the country side close to the town of Nora. For PIO this is a traditional gathering with place for lectures, kids play, fun exciting activities and warm fellowship.

Psychologist Sofia Westman held a lecture for the parents providing tools to help cope with the conditions. Meanwhile the children had outdoor activities and the young adults had a sauna raft tour activity outside the camp.
In the evening the families had a team competition. It was great fun and all the children collect a prize. Professor Anders Fasth and Nurse Ramona Fust held appreciated lectures for the children and parents.

This year we had a special guest, Magda Lourenço from IPOPI, came by with a camera operator to film “PID patient testimonials” in Swedish. The resulting short videos will soon be featured on tv.ipopi.org. A total of 14 people were interviewed including children and adults with PID, siblings, parents, one doctor and a nurse. It was an exciting experience for our group!

We already look forward to the next family camp in 2017!