December 21, 2016

Spain – Steps towards SCID newborn screening

AEDIP, the Spanish Association for Primary Immunodeficiencies, is working on a campaign to implement newborn screening (NBS) for severe combined immunodeficiencies (SCID) at national level.

On November 23, the regional health authorities from the Madrid region received AEDIP representatives and primary immunodeficiencies (PID) specialists in an important meeting. Patient representatives and physicians explained that SCID is a paediatric emergency that will lead to death if undiagnosed. Diagnosing SCID even before symptoms and infections can occur opens the possibility to cure SCID and to allow patients to lead a normal development and life.

AEDIP and PID specialists have already established good contacts with several regional health authorities, such as the Balearic Islands and Valencia. Discussions are also on-going with delegates from the different national political parties and high-level representatives from the national Ministry of Health.

Left to right: Dr Luis Allende (Hospital Universitario 12 Octubre, Madrid), María Luz de los Mártires (Madrid regional department of Health), César Pascual (director General, Madrid regional department of Health), Carlos Jiménez (AEDIP) and Dr Olaf Neth (Hospital Virgen del Rocío, Seville)