December 17, 2019

SOUTH AFRICA – PiNSA latest activities 

PiNSA’s 2019 was underpinned by creating awareness and supporting patients as a first priority.

We had our first activity to create awareness on primary immunodeficiencies, a Dragon Boat race, that was organised by one of our patients’ parents, in the North West province (one of nine South African Provinces). The race was a huge success and we are hoping to turn it into an annual event.

PiNSA has collaborated with the South African National Blood Services (SANBS) and also took part in a plasma collection campaign from one of our immunoglobulin suppliers. The video footage and photos with patients in Gauteng province will be used as advertising material in the plasma collections’ centres.  Anle Pienaar, daughter of PiNSA’s chairperson, was one of the participants. 

PiNSA’s membership is growing on a monthly basis and just recently welcomed our first 3 members followed at state hospitals. This is a result of the collaboration with doctors from Ampath Laboratories and doctors from the state hospitals.


PiNSA was asked by one of the participants of the Dragon Boat race, who is also  a keen athlete, to participate in the two biggest running events in South Africa namely, the Two Oceans marathon and the Comrades Marathon.  We will get a team set up for PiNSA to run and support the runners in these two events in 2020.

We are also planning to have our first one day seminar on PID awareness during WPIW 2020, in Eastern Cape, a province with very little activity on PID. One of our members from this province lost a baby girl due to lack of medical knowledge of SCID (Severe Combined Immunodeficiency). 

Plasma awareness campaign – Interview with Anle Pienaar, 19.
Dragon Boat race – all the participants