December 15, 2023

SAS at IPIC2023

This year IPIC landed in Rotterdam and got to experience Dutch hospitality but also our typical weather, rain, and wind!

The Dutch NMO, Stichting voor Afweerstoornissen, were grateful to Ipopi for being allowed to showcase some of the marketing goods that we have. The booth was well visited and really posed as a good way to interact with the record number of visitors that IPIC had this year.

New plans and collaborations with several NMOs were discussed, which is for us the true value of attending IPIC. Learning new things from the official program, but also meeting colleagues from all over the world and sharing ideas, tips, anything that can improve the quality of life for those with a PID.

It was fantastic to see a large delegation from the Ukraine, and to see those seeing colleagues interact with our Russian colleagues (despite the war, we still have a common goal, to help PID patients), exchange thoughts with Portugal and Spain over dinner and drinks on our “own” party boat, collaborate with Italy and France and agree to help Turkey and Iran to start an NMO.

The highlight of IPIC for us was of course “our” Elien sharing her patient story for undergoing a stem cell transplantation. It was the first time that Elien ever shared her story and to do so in front of such a large crowd… After her amazing, courageous story, the applause was ear deafening and extremely long. Many in the room have shed a tear. She did it! This was without any doubts the #IPIC2023 moment, one that Elien and everyone in the room will not forget.

Elien has been a member of our NMO for quite some years. Despite her successful stem cell transplantation, she still wishes to remain a member as she feels she can contribute to the PID community with her expertise as former PID patient and now as a successful stem cell transplantation patient. She has a story to tell which needs to be shared. Something that Stichting for Afweerstoornissen will focus on in 2024…Kyp.