July 04, 2018

Romania – First National Conference for PID patients

ARPID, the Romanian primary immunodeficiencies (PIDs) patient group organised, for the first time, a National Conference for Patients with PIDs that took place on May 11-13, in Moeciu de Jos, near Brasov. Five doctors from different medical clinics were in attendance and made PIDs’ issues easier to understand.

The medical presentations designed for patients allowed participants to establish a good dialogue with the specialists. IPOPI’s board member Ms Dragana Koruga kindly took part in the meeting and explained the importance of IPOPI for the global PID community and her own experience with these conditions.

ARPID invited 14 patients and their families from Brasov and from the rest of the country, both adults and children, 5 doctors and a psychologist. This was a good experience for ARPID and we hope to do it on a yearly basis.