March 31, 2020

PLUS Consensus Meeting agrees on way forward

The Platform of Plasma Protein Users (PLUS) organised its annual with stakeholder organisations active in the field of plasma derived medicinal products (PDMPs) including patient organisations, donors organisations and associations representing the pharmaceutical industry (including for profit and non-for-profit) as well as the Marketing Research Bureau in Estoril, on January 23-24, 2020. This year’s meeting was chaired by Dr Jaqueline Kerr, from the Paul Ehrlich Institute.

Stakeholders at the meeting agreed to leverage on the expertise of the different representatives present and jointly develop, in future meetings, contingency plans for potential future outbreaks or health crisis that would impact the supply of plasma-derived medicinal products, such as immunoglobulin replacement therapies. This year, for the first time, two case studies were organised in order to gather participants’ input into how to address the two different scenarios depicted and ensure that patients dependent on plasma-derived medicinal products would continue to have access to the treatments they need to lead normal lives. 

PLUS members at the Consensus Meeting
Group picture