December 18, 2015

Russia – Pine trees art-parade

In this festive time of the year we gathered forces with 30 artists to provide PID patients, especially those who will come to the hospital during the holidays, with something to ease their pain and their suffering. We invited 30 great local designers and artists to come up with a conceptual artistic tree from a cardboard shaped like a pine-tree.
As a result, all 30 artistic-trees were exhibited for a week in one of Moscow’s museums.
The exhibition was a great opportunity for our friends and supporters to come together, and in the spirit of the holiday season a gift collection took place. Both the New Year Trees and the presents will be taken to hospitals to create a festive season atmosphere and our “Sunflowers” (as we call our young children in pediatric care) will be able to enjoy them while getting their treatment.

As one of our trustees, the Russian actress Olga Tumaikina put it, “Together we have just proved that the holiday’s spirit is able to find its way to in the most difficult situations. Sometimes we just need to help by pointing the right direction. And we made a great job of using traditional New-Year time to celebrate goodness, friendship and support!”

We wish all patients, their families, friends and supporters a happy and healthy New year! We hope it will bring us many positive changes, Sunflower Foundation we will help by point the right direction.

Sunflower Foundation

At Sunflower Foundation we work to provide our patient community with timely and affordable medical treatment and provide support and counseling to help them be full members of our society. This year we raised funds to purchase 7 kg Immunoglobulin and other drugs for children in pediatric clinics.
In Russia PIDs remain unrecognized by the Government and Health authorities as life-threatening diseases.

Violetta Kozhereva, Sunflower Foundation