October 4, 2021

PID Patient true stories: awareness campaign on the need of plasma for PIDs

IPOPI is launching a campaign called PID patients true stories dedicated to addressing the worldwide need for more regionally balanced plasma collection, aimed at reaching global sufficiency in Plasma derived medicinal products. This IPOPI  campaign takes place under the frame of the International Plasma Awareness Week (IPAW 4-10 of October) organised by PPTA (Plasma Protein Therapeutics Association).

Five short videos featuring the lives of five PID patients from different continents will illustrate patients’ need of plasma derived medicinal products and how this therapy is vital to them. The videos will be shared on IPOPI social media from October 4 onwards.’ Inspired? We invite you to also share your #plasmatruestory in a short video in your own social media. Don’t forget the hashtag!

Plasma is the starting material for immunoglobulin therapies and other life-saving plasma derived medicinal products.

With current tensions and, in some cases, shortages in many countries coupled with growing demand for immunoglobulins and only a few countries providing plasma for fractionation, there is a clear need for, not only, increased plasma production, but also more balanced approach to plasma collection between world regions.

PID is a key indication for immunoglobulin therapies as recognised in the WHO list of essential medicines. PID patients represent a significant group of people whose lives and quality of life rely on appropriate access to a range of immunoglobulin therapies. Access to plasma is key for these patients who have no alternative treatment.

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