December 18, 2015

PID League – Hong Kong

PID League was officially registered on 29th July, 2014 and since then we have come a long way! With the kind support provided by medical professions and, most importantly, our strong patient community, we are starting to achieve the goals we have set for our organisation. We evolved from a group of 12 people into an active organisation, from drafted ideas we put together large scale events in theaters.
Our very first PID week event took place in July 2015. PID patients, families, as well as professions from different fields gathered as one big family to bear witness to the very first grand event held by PID League. For the majority of participants this was their first contact with PID League and we were happy to share with them our goals and achievements.

We were fortunate to have Prof Lau Yu Lung with us giving several workshops on PID conditions and on vaccines, he has helped clear some of the most common misconceptions.

It was very exciting to have the support of the medical and political fields! PID Legue’s meeting welcome Under Secretary for Food and Health Bureau, Prof Sophia Chen, the Hospital Chief Executive of Queen Mary Hospital, Dr. Luk Che Cheung, Prof Lau Yu Lung, Prof Cheung Yiu Fai, Dr Lee Tze Leung and Dr Kwan Yat Wah as our honorable guests.

Workshop on Respiratory Tract Infections

This past November we held an educational workshop on respiratory tract infections on how we can protect ourselves from them. This workshop was presented by both doctors and nurses to a short but committed audience. We will be oganising more healthcare workshops in the future!
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Geoffrey Yu

PID League Vice-President