March 15, 2023

IPOPI holds key EU PID Forum on the blood and plasma legislation

On January 26, 2023, IPOPI hosted its 22nd EU PID Forum on the legislation of substances of human origin at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. This Forum was co-chaired by the Members of the European Parliament Katerina Konecna (the Left, Czechia) and Nicolás González Casares (S&D, Spain).

It was good to be back in person to hold such a significant event. The so-called “substances of human origin” (or SoHO) legislation rules on, amongst others, how blood and plasma for the manufacturing of plasma-derived medicines such as immunoglobulins are collected and managed.  The revision of the European legislation can have a big impact on patient access to immunoglobulins and other plasma-derived medicinal products. This is why IPOPI organised the Forum on this topic and is working with several MEPs to ensure that the legislation is patient-centred and ensures high protection to donors.

The Forum was moderated by Ms Martine Pergent, IPOPI President, and had the interventions of Mr Johan Prevot, IPOPI Executive Director, Mr Matthew Hotchko, President of the Marketing Research Bureau, Nancy di Salvo, CIDP-GBS Foundation International, and Mr Milan Maly, UNICAplasma. The Forum was well-attended by patient representatives, with members from Belgium (BeBOPPI), Germany (DSAI), The Netherlands (SAS), Romania (ARPID), and Spain (AEDIP).  For more information on the Forum, visit our website.

IPOPI would like to thank CSL Behring, Grifols, and Takeda for their continued support.