December 19, 2022

New video series on primary immunodeficiencies

To round out the year, IPOPI has released a new educational video series on primary immunodeficiencies. By creating these videos, we hope to increase understanding of these conditions and stimulate conversations about the importance of early detection and treatment accessibility.

The videos cover three fundamental aspects of PIDs:

Subtitles are available in 7 languages

One important step to achieving improved PID awareness is ensuring that the videos are accessible across the world. To reach this goal, we have teamed up with our national member organisations to make subtitles available in English, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish. Special thanks go to our national member organisations for providing subtitles and enabling more people to benefit from these videos.

The videos are available on our website.

This series has been made possible thanks to an unrestrictive grant from Takeda who we sincerely thank.