April 2019

New IPOPI PID information leaflets published

IPOPI has since 2011 been producing primary immunodeficiencies (PID) information and a new series has just been published. This last series comprises 3 leaflets dedicated to ‘CVID Management’, ‘PIDs and HSCT’ and ‘A Guide for Internal Medicine Specialists’ with very helpful information and guidance for patients, their families and extended community.

‘CVID Management’ explains what Common Variable Immune Deficiency is and how it is diagnosed and treated. ‘PIDs and HSCT’ goes over how haematopoietic stem cell transplantation can help some people with PIDs.
The ‘A Guide for Internal Medicine Specialists’ introduces the complex presentation of adult patients with PIDs who are often referred for internal medicine services with multiple, sometimes non-specific symptoms.

IPOPI is pleased to make these leaflets available in English and expects newly translated version to be available soon with the invaluable help of its national member organisation.

IPOPI wishes to thank Shire/Takeda for their support towards the production of these leaflets!