March 25, 2021

Netherlands – SAS putting the starting blocks of 2021 together!

In the last IPOPI e-News Stichting voor Afweerstoornissen wrote about the end of the last presidency but also of the many new volunteers that joined us. In this e-News we are glad to introduce our new team of volunteers and structure.

We decided to combine the regular board of directors roles with a working group structure. We divided our most common subjects into 4 working groups: Social Media, Promotion, Events and Research.

Since January our new board consists of:
Jose Verstegen President
Sian van den Bogaerdt-Rance Secretary & Chair Events
Peter Lambregts Treasury
Soraja Ebbeling Treasury
Janine Bastiaans Chair Social Media
Amanda Chair Promotion
Margo Dona Chair Research

Each working group has a chair and multiple enthusiastic volunteers. With the arrival of 4 new board members and 9 new volunteers, we have grown from a group of 4 volunteers to a group of 16, who are willing to commit their free time to Stichting voor Afweerstoornissen.
PID current affairs and topics on social media are now kept up-to-date and posts are made on a regular basis. The research-working group is actively involved with specialists in the current VACOPID study (vaccination response to the COVID-19 vaccine in PID patients). We have been able to restart the sending of (birthday) cards to our members and most importantly we been able to complete a job which was on our wish list for quite some time: a new website. A great start with an enthusiastic team!
Following the launch of our new website (Stichting voor Afweerstoornissen) we will soon provide our members with a login option so that we are able to share exclusive news with our members.
We have also decided to be as digital as possible. While our quarterly magazine will still be printed, but we aim to correspond as much as possible by email. SAS will be more environment friendly, quicker to reach and to respond and more budget efficient.

So, keep an eye out for SAS on social media and on our website. Great things planned!