October 03, 2020

SAS facemasks and 35th anniversary

In line with the present situation and to celebrate the ending of our extremely successful 10-week World PI Week celebrations we offered all our members quite unique facial masks. Specially designed with zebra stripes – just like all zebra stripes are unique, so is each primary immunodeficiency patient – and made of cotton and silk (very good to filter aerossols)!
Face masks are not mandatory in the Netherlands, except for when in public transportation. SAS asked their members travelling outside of the Netherlands, to send pictures of them wearing their unique masks during their holidays. They were frequently seen in France, Germany and Italy!

2020 was altogether a special year for the Stichting voor Afweerstoornissen (SAS). Not only because of COVID-19 and our successful WPIW, but also because on November 12 we will also celebrate our 35th anniversary.
We will have several webinars and the first up will be hosted by the head of our National Institute of Health and Environment Centre for Infectious Disease Control (RIVM) who also happens to be a physician specialised in infectious diseases.
Our main anniversary event will be the SAS digital family day. COVID-19 will of course be the main topic, but we will also approach its social and psychological impact, provide an update on the current vaccines and their suitability for PID patients, health insurance issues, antibiotics, allergies, fear of needles, among other topics.
To close our celebratory month we will also have an online baking session. Exciting and busy times to come….