September 26, 2019

Mother’s book about SCID – A Roll of the Dice

Mona Dash’s first child was born with SCID (Severe Combined Immuno-Deficiency) for which there was no treatment in their home country, India. Thus began Mona’s roller-coaster journey which spans ten years, takes her from India to London, and involves her in the complexities of genetic medicine. Mona Dash writes her story of genetics roulette without self-pity, with astounding courage and even humour. Her memoir contains valuable information for couples facing infertility and complicated pregnancies, for parents of premature babies and children with SCID.
‘A Roll of the Dice’ has an introduction by Prof Bobby Gaspar of Great Ormond Street Hospital, pioneer in gene therapy, and IPOPI’s former Medical Advisory Panel Chairman.

Mona Dash is also the author of ‘Untamed Heart‘ (Tara India Research Press, 2016) and two poetry collections, ‘DawnDrops’ (Writer’s Workshop India, 2001) and ‘A Certain Way’ (Skylark Publications, 2017). Her short story collection ‘Let Us Look Elsewhere’ was shortlisted for the 2018 SI Leeds Literary prize.
She is a Telecoms Engineer with an MBA and works for a global technology organisation. Originally from India, she lives with her husband and son in London.