July 18, 2023

New Mini Documentary Exploring Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiencies

In the realm of immunology, understanding the intricacies of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies is crucial for both healthcare professionals and patients. We are therefore proud to present our mini documentary: A Closer Look at Primary and Secondary Immunodeficiencies.

This informative 15-minute film delves into the similarities and differences between these conditions, the complexity of diagnosing primary immunodeficiencies post-malignancy treatment, the importance of pre-treatment screening, and the challenges faced in diagnosing immunodeficiencies in low and middle-income countries.

Our documentary offers a comprehensive exploration of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies, unravelling their similarities and differences. Through in-depth interviews with leading experts from Spain, Wales, and India, viewers gain valuable knowledge about these conditions, their underlying causes, and their impact on individuals’ immune systems. We thank Professor Silvia Sánchez-Ramón, Professor Stephen Jolles and Professor Surjit Singh for these contributions.

We also feature interviews with Juan Manuel Martínez Cuenca and Vivian Kohlberg, two remarkable patients, offering insights into the unique challenges they face and their perspective on managing their conditions. Vivian particularly highlights her experience from living with immunodeficiency in Bolivia, demonstrating the need for improved access to care worldwide.

The Complexity of Diagnosing Primary Immunodeficiencies in Patients with Malignancy

One of the documentary’s focal points is the complexity surrounding the diagnosis of primary immunodeficiencies in individuals who have undergone treatment for cancer. We shed light on the challenges faced by healthcare professionals in differentiating between treatment-related immunodeficiencies and pre-existing primary immunodeficiencies. This critical topic underscores the significance of early detection and emphasises the need for PID screening before initiating malignancy treatment, and multidisciplinary collaboration across disciplines.

Addressing Global Challenges in Immunodeficiency Diagnosis

Our mini documentary also takes a global perspective, highlighting the challenges faced in diagnosing immunodeficiencies in low and middle-income countries and accessing treatment. By shedding light on resource limitations, lack of awareness, and inadequate access to diagnostic tools, we aim to raise awareness and promote discussions around addressing these disparities to ensure timely and accurate diagnoses for patients worldwide.

This documentary was developed to serve as an educational tool for healthcare professionals and patient advocates. By exploring the complexities of diagnosis, global challenges, and real-life patient experiences, we aim to foster understanding, advocacy, and advancements in the field of primary and secondary immunodeficiencies.

We sincerely thank CSL Behring for their generous sponsorship, enabling us to create this important resource.