March 20, 2024

Join IPOPI in advocating for accessible care for all PID patients, everywhere, during World PI Week 2024

IPOPI and its national members are getting ready for World PI Week, which takes place between 22-29 April, every year. World PI Week is a global initiative dedicated to raising awareness of Primary Immunodeficiency (PID) and related challenges.

Universal Health Coverage, outlined by the World Health Organization, aims to provide essential health services and quality treatments universally. Yet, substantial disparities persist, globally, in care for rare disease patients, including those with PID. Approximately 80% of primary immunodeficiency patients lack adequate care due to limited knowledge, diagnostic gaps, and treatment shortages.

Therefore, during this year’s theme, “Access to Care for All PID Patients, Everywhere”, we invite you to join us in our call for”:

  • Turning equal access to PID care a priority worldwide.
  • Access to timely diagnosis, quality health services & treatment to every PID patient, independent of their type of PID, where they live, their age, gender, or socio-economic status.
  • Advancing awareness, education, and research to reduce remaining knowledge gaps around PIDs, and improve health outcomes and quality of life for all patients.

Now is the time for action! By advocating for universal access to early diagnosis and quality treatment, we can break down these barriers and improve the lives of PID patients globally. IPOPI encourages all stakeholders to join our efforts to raise awareness, promote collaboration, and advocate for change.

Learn more about the campaign and how to get involved by exploring our campaign teaser here.

Visit the World PI Week website here for resources such as posters, e-banners, and pledge cards.