July 7, 2022

Italy – AIP O.d.v attends WBDD conference

The AIP O.d.v (Organizzazione di volontariato) Primitive Immunodeficiencies Association attended the Avis conference entitled “Donating Blood is a gesture of solidarity. Joining us is saving lives” which took place in Rome on 14 June.

This conference aimed to raise awareness, especially for new generations, about the importance of blood and plasma donation and the need to achieve self-sufficiency of plasma-derived drugs.

Many topics were covered which brought about discussions between doctors, patients and academics.

It was a way to reiterate once again that every day, in Italy, over 1800 people need life-saving infusions: a need that our country is able to meet thanks to the periodic, anonymous, free and responsible commitment of over 1.6 million donors.

AIP O.d.v President Alessandro Segato participated in the event to explain the importance of plasma-derived drugs and the self-sufficiency of plasma from the patients association’s point of view.

Your donation is worth endless care options