September 25, 2015

IPOPI PID talks: Share, Learn and Get Inspired!

IPOPI launched a Facebook Group called ‘IPOPI PID talks: Share, Learn and Get Inspired!‘ last August to allow our National Member Organisation (NMOs), patients, families and friends to share their successes and concerns and to learn from one another.

The IPOPI PID talks Group has been very well received by the online PID community with already 190 members and counting! The main language of this group is English but posts in other languages are also welcomed. If you still haven’t asked to be a member do it today – IPOPI and all the other members look forward to interacting with you online.
Many of our members have shared their patient group activities and successes and for many patients this type of platform can be a good point of contact with other patients facing similar situation. 

IPOPI PID talks: Share, Learn and Get Inspired!‘ respects and asks all members to respect each others views. Promotion to patient support groups’ activities is welcomed, publication of individual fundraising campaigns is not permited.