September 25, 2015

IPOPI participates in a consortium for the development of gene therapy for SCID

SCIDNET is a multi-stakeholder consortium that aims at delivering safe and effective gene therapy as a licensed medicine for children with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID), initially in Europe and then worldwide. The consortium is coordinated by Professor Bobby Gaspar (IPOPI MAP Chairman) at the University College of London and is currently on the latest stage of the European Commission Research proposals approval.

IPOPI is an official partner organisation in the project representing the PID patients community. The role of IPOPI in this very exciting partnership will focus on providing the PID patient viewpoint on the research and development process. This will include activities such as informing and fostering patient involvement in clinical design and on trial protocols and in patient/parent information, information dissemination to patient families, etc.

This ambitious project aims at developing licensed genetic medicines that can be used as a standard treatment for patients with SCID worldwide in 4 years. The project counts with the participation of a vast array of partner organisations such as university hospitals, associations, SME and IPOPI from 5 different European Union countries and Switzerland.

For more information on the project and IPOPI’s role, please contact Johan Prévot at