December 17, 2020

IPOPI launches the SAFE Taskforce

Plasma has always been a scarce resource not sufficient to meet patients’ medical needs. With the COVID-19 pandemic entering into scene, IPOPI launched in September 2020 the S.A.F.E. (Supply & Access For Everyone) Task Force. The Task Force aims at monitoring the situation of tensions and/or shortages of plasma and immunoglobulin replacement therapies, as well as suggest recommendations for IPOPI to follow.

The Task Force is composed of patient representatives as well as PID expert physicians from different geographical areas. The idea is to gather as many different perspectives as possible, so as to have a comprehensive view of the challenges in accessing the PID patients therapies in the different continents.

Amongst its planned activities, the Task Force will be engaging with relevant stakeholders to discuss specific aspects related to supply and access of Igs for PID patients, as well as developing specific recommendations and position statements that can then be relayed to relevant organisations and authorities.