October 9, 2023

Kick-off of the IPOPI Hard Talks

We are excited to share that IPOPI recently started a new series of digital events, called “IPOPI Hard Talks”. This engaging series is aimed at all relevant stakeholders with an interest in primary immunodeficiency (PID) diagnosis and clinical management, including clinicians, nurses and patient group leaders. Featuring interactive discussions and a lively debate between expert speakers, “IPOPI Hard Talks” aims to address the more challenging topics in a stimulating fashion. The series also seeks to maximise outreach to key opinion leaders across different regions and increase expertise around key clinical care issues.

Primary immunodeficiencies and allergy crossover

The first Hard Talk took place on July 11 and explored the crossover between PID and allergy, with 114 participants from 34 countries registered for the event. Dr Leif Hanitsch from the Institute for Medical Immunology, Charité, in Berlin, Germany, started off by providing a well-structured and overarching introduction lecture. He explained the pathophysiological mechanisms underlying allergy and how they relate to PID, after which clinical management and various treatment options were addressed.

During this presentation, several treatment dilemmas and points for discussion were highlighted, which sparked an engaging discussion led by Dr Joshua Milner, director of the Allergy/Immunology and Rheumatology department at Columbia University Irving Medical Center in New York, USA. The importance of defining, whenever possible, the genetic variant underlying the disease for proper treatment selection was raised, as was the role of serum cytokines and other biomarkers, among other topics. We thank both speakers for this stimulating high-level discussion which can be re-watched via IPOPI TV.

A special thanks to CSL Behring for making this webinar possible.