IPOPI Clinical Care Webinars – Year-round PID education

June 25, 2020

IPOPI Clinical Care Webinars are aimed at patient group leaders, clinicians and nurses with an interest in PID clinical care management and bring together PID stakeholders from all parts of the world. Increasing the expertise around key clinical care issues in this easy and accessible way has proved to be a popular concept and we are excited to continue providing online educational programmes about new and relevant issues for the PID community.

In our first webinar of 2020 Professor Isabelle Meyts explored the Crossover of PID & Cancer. This was a very well appreciated and attended event discussing the incidence of malignancy in PID and investigating the possible links between the two. Two of the main takeaway messages the audience was left with was that immunologists should be aware of the need to screen for malignancy and that further measures need to be taken to raise awareness on PIDs amongst haematologists, to ensure proper treatment. This webinar was kindly supported by Octapharma.

On May 27  Professor Frédéric Rieux-Laucat presented how the study of rare diseases such as primary immunodeficiencies can help us understand hyperinflammation in severe forms of COVID-19 on the webinar «Hyperinflammation in PID & how it differs from COVID-19». This webinar was kindly supported by Sobi and had a participation record with people tuning in from all world regions to learn more about the topic.

The theme for the next webinar is Shortening the PID diagnostic delay with calculated globulins, presented by Professor Stephen Jolles on 3 July 2 PM UK Time.  Professor Jolles will discuss this promising low-cost screening test and thus introduce us to the possibility of diagnosing antibody deficient patients with information from calculated globulin valuesRegister here to take this learning opportunity made possible by a grant from CSL Behring!

All IPOPI webinars are available for re-play on IPOPITV.