June 28, 2021

IPOPI Clinical Care Webinar – Transition Care: Exploring the Journey

Following feedback from previous webinars, on the 8th of June IPOPI held the Clinical Care Webinar on Transition Care: Exploring the Journey

What a journey it was! Dr Nizar Mahlaoui took participants from 39 countries on the exploration of the Transition Care journey from child to adolescent to adult.

Ms Martine Pergent, IPOPI President, led a very interactive and lively questions and answer session with Dr Mahlaoui and Dr Virgil Dalm.

It is not often that we are able to have a pediatric and adult doctor in the same convenient place. Having both Dr Mahlaoui and Dr Dalm giving their expertise and experience, not just in Europe but worldwide, answered many important questions raised by stakeholders that have started, or are in Transition Care.

This webinar was kindly sponsored by Grifols and its recording can be found here.
Please stay tuned for our next webinar in September 2021.

transition care webinar