December 15, 2023

Record breaking IPIC2023 in Rotterdam

IPIC2023 surpassed expectations, achieving remarkable success with increased attendance and enhanced content quality whilst fostering a more collaborative atmosphere than ever before.

With nearly 900 participants from 80 countries, IPIC solidified its reputation as the global conference for those dedicated to advancing their understanding of PID diagnosis and clinical care.

Moreover, the congress showcased 223 approved posters, with a significant contribution from passionate young physicians propelling PID research and clinical practices forward.

IPOPI expresses heartfelt thanks to all contributors – attendees, speakers, chairs, sponsors, exhibitors, supporting organisations, and our dedicated organising team.

Your joint contributions not only ensured the lasting impact of IPIC2023 but also laid the groundwork for upcoming editions of the congresses. Anticipation is growing for the upcoming IPIC2025 in Prague, foreshadowing another significant leap forward for this event’s escalating success. Stay tuned for news on IPIC2025 in the coming months: