July 18, 2023

IPIC2023: Extended Early Bird Rate, Inspiring Sessions, and Boundless Opportunities

June brought exciting news from IPOPI, and we are thrilled to share it with you. We have extended the early bird rate deadline for IPIC2023 registration, allowing you more time to benefit from this special offer. Now, you can take advantage of the discounted rates until July 31.

Benefit from the extended early bird rate and ensure that every moment at the conference counts. At IPIC, you can unlock a world of possibilities, including networking opportunities with global peers and building valuable connections.

Moreover, prepare to uncover the main topics and specific sessions that will ignite your inspiration. The IPIC agenda encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, including topics such as Newborn Screening, Transplantation challenges in PIDs, Cancer and immunity, Ethical considerations, Discussion of complex cases of PIDs, and Clinical development of PIDs.

This year’s edition places particular emphasis on two noteworthy areas. Session 2 will delve into the critical topic of managing neurological manifestations in PIDs, offering valuable insights and advancements in this field. In Session 6, we will explore the management of malignancies in PIDs, shedding light on the complexities and innovative approaches in this area.

Mark your calendar and be prepared to expand your knowledge and expertise in the field of Primary Immunodeficiencies diagnosis and clinical care!