March 20, 2024

IPOPI attends IPFA/EBA Symposium on Plasma Collection and Supply in Leiden

IPOPI was pleased to attend the 3rd Biannual IPFA/EBA Symposium on Plasma Collection and Supply which was held in Leiden, the Netherlands, on 7-8 February 2024. The programme featured sessions on “donor recruitment, retention and protection”, “plasma collection and quality management”, “European pathways to a common goal – Converting plasma to products”, “The value of Plasma – the How and Why in the public sector” and a “How to meet the demand of IgG as well as other PDMPs” which included a presentation by IPOPI Network of Experts’ member, Prof Albert Farrugia on “The estimation of immunoglobulin demand against a background of uncertainty”.

During one of the Q&A sessions, Mr Johan Prévot, IPOPI Executive Director, stressed the importance of balancing donor protection measures, including plasma donation frequency proposed restrictions, with the protection of patients and the need for access to life-saving treatments for PID patients.  IPOPI is always keen to underscore that there is a need to collect more plasma, that supply is a serious safety issue for PID patients and that saving patients’ lives is the main goal of why donors donate in the first place. The proceedings of the symposium are available online.