June 25, 2020

US – Immune Deficiency Foundation takes on COVID-19 with a series of IDF Forums

Immune Deficiency Foundation takes on COVID-19 with a series of IDF Forums

The Immune Deficiency Foundation (IDF) has launched a series of IDF Virtual Forums, designed for constituents to learn, connect, and engage with health professionals and other members of the community.  Since March, the organization has hosted 8 of these events and plans to continue holding these forums multiple times per month. Because of the changing body of knowledge surrounding COVID-19 and the variety of physicians presenting at each forum, each session contains new information and new opportunities for learning.

“IDF has always offered a robust schedule of educational programming, but these new, virtual options have given us the opportunity to invite new individuals to participate,” says IDF President and CEO John G. Boyle. He continues, “While ultimately focused on issues from the U.S. perspective, they are not bound by geography and are open to all. IDF Virtual Forums reflect our core value of innovation as well as our core value of inclusion.” 

The forums begin with a physician presentation, provide an opportunity to join in virtual meeting rooms, and end with an open question-and-answer session. 

To learn more and register, visit www.primaryimmune.org/events. 

Immune Deficiency Foundation launches a new research project on COVID-19 and its effect on those with primary immunodeficiencies (PI)

IDF is in the process of launching a COVID-19 & PI research project. 2,200 individuals (adults with and parents of those with PI) completed an initial questionnaire and set of follow-up questions. The bi-weekly survey is aimed at gathering longitudinal information on the pandemic and how it may impact those with PI. Topics include things such as infection with COVID-19, access to therapies, medicines, and healthcare.

The goal of the survey is to document the impact of COVID-19 on those with PI as well as to detect and document potential problems so that IDF can advocate on behalf of the PI community. The survey will be run approximately every two weeks and continue for 12-18 months. Working with IDF on this study will be Deepti Deshpande, MD, MPH (Fellow in Allergy and Immunology) and Joshua Milner, MD (Division Chief, Pediatric Allergy and Immunology) from Columbia University. 

“It’s so important that we understand how COVID is—or is not—impacting everyone who lives with PI. We are thrilled to be partnering with the IDF for such a critical project,” says Dr. Milner. 

IDF will continue to keep the PI community updated as we further progress in this study. For more information about IDF research initiatives, visit www.primaryimmune.org/research

Immune Deficiency Foundation Information Portal for COVID-19: https://www.primaryimmune.org/coronavirus