March 20, 2024

IDFA launches Circle of Support – Peer Mentoring

Throughout 2023, IDFA developed and piloted immunodeficiency-specific Peer Mentor support to connect a range of members, help them navigate challenges related to their immunodeficiency, or that of a family member, and develop a personal action plan for their priority areas of support. Members have already been supported across several areas including living with autoimmunity, managing mental well-being and fatigue, caring for a baby undergoing a stem cell transplant, managing a cancer diagnosis with a Primary Immunodeficiency, self-advocacy to access immunodeficiency treatment, and managing a new immunodeficiency diagnosis.

This year, Circle of Support is being rolled out and expanding to include even more Peer Mentors who will go through a tailored training program so they can support IDFA members in need. Circle of Support was developed with the idea that people living with primary and secondary immunodeficiency should not be alone, and members have access to immunodeficiency-specific support to work towards well-being and self-management goals to improve their quality of life.

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